Studio for lightning design

As a planning and craftsmanship business we have more than 25 years of experience in all processes for the technical integration of systems  in buildings.

Due to our technical specialisation in lighting, we can respond to all requirements of private and business customers confidently. Surprisingly  simple as well as sophisticated lighting options for residential and business premises await you. We rely on easy-to-use techniques and expandable, durable systems.


Our designs do not just stand in the foreground. They form a unity between function and space. Light is an information carrier between space and content. People stand with their perceptions in the centre.

Talk to us, we are happy to advise you on site or in our exhibition space.

Interdisciplinary planning

Light & Electrical Engineering | Drywall | Colour Management | Media | Design | Visualization | User friendly operation | Power saving via LED

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Light | Video | Sound

From consulting to installation everything from one source. Light quality and energy efficiency with LED light for trade, industry and private customers.

Installation of Light, Video & Sound | Custom-made | Digital lighting technology | Prototypes | LED conversion | Event lighting |
Rental of lights

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Consumption analysis

Consumption analysis with individual LED lighting concepts can save you 50-90% of your energy costs. We will create a professional lighting concept for you and show you previous weak points in terms of light quality and power consumption.

We will expand upon the enormous economic savings through the new light techniques in our specifications.

Flexibility and freedom of design
Flexibility in the application areas and the possible operations.Freedom of design and integration.

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Detailed solutions

Custom-made & Individualisation.

All planning will be supplemented before the beginning of installation by appropriate samples and our prototype construction. Thanks to the unity of planning and production, customer wishes and project details can be realised with little effort. Waiting times are avoided.

The project gains in visible details, the construction costs and construction times are met.

We not only customise the design, the luminous colours, the lighting unit / LED modules, but also the lighting control units. Our custom-made products range from the customisation of a ceiling cut-out for your light modernisation to the exclusive creation of lighting. From the slight modification of a light to complete own design - our possibilities are unlimited.

Even dimmability can easily be retrofitted for existing lighting and is one of our services in the focus on LED technology.

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